poodle ballLittle Rock Dog Training Club (LRDTC) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(4) organization whose objective is to promote, encourage, and share knowledge regarding dog training.  Founded in 1950 to promote obedience trials and training, LRDTC is an American Kennel Club-licensed club, authorized to hold AKC-sanctioned obedience, Rally, and agility trials.  We are the oldest training club in Arkansas and have a facility dedicated solely to dog training.  LRDTC trains you to train your dog.reading

We offer classes from Puppy Kindergarten through advanced obedienceas well as CGC, Rally and Agility. Conformation, Tracking, and Freestyle are some of the other activities members pursue.

The Club has helped thousands of people learn to train their dogs, either for competition or just to be a more enjoyable pet. Most of our members came here for “home manners” training and have stayed because of the bond they have formed with their dogs through training.  The number one awardsreason that dogs are placed in shelters or abandoned is lack of training and the owner's frustration in dealing with common behavioral problems that can be fixed with proper training.  We are proud to help responsible owners enjoy their dogs by fully sharing their lives with well-mannered pets.

All LRDTC instructors and assistants are volunteers; we have hundreds of years of experience among our members. Each instructor has trained, shown, and won titles on his or her dog; many have been instructing for more than 10 years, some for 30+ years. They attend seminars and study all aspects of dog training. jumpAnd everyone here loves dogs. Our membership offers a wealth of knowledge and experience about all breeds and sizes of dogs. We encourage you to ask any question or raise any concerns you may have about your pet. You will find all of our members eager to help you enjoy your dog more.

Classes are open to ALL dogs, purebred or mixed breed, over ten weeks of age. Most classes are for eight weeks, meeting for one hour each week. The dog must be in good health and all immunizations must be current.

We want to make your training experience as valuable as possible. LRDTC instructors will teach you how to train using positive reinforcement methods.  You will use lots of treats, praise, toys, play to inspire your dog.  We want you both to have fun.  Dog training is about communicating.  We will give you the tools to effectively communicate with your dog for a more pleasurable and rewarding life for both of you.

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