Prerequisites: Dogs must have successfully completed Beginner Obedience at LRDTC, be nine months of age or older, able to be controlled on a leash, and must know sit, down, come, and stay.

Introduction to Agility is designed to bridge the gap between Beginning Obedience class, taught indoors, and a Beginner Agility class taught outdoors. Most exercises in Intro are done outdoors and on leash.

The goal of the class is to prepare the team to succeed in agility training. Intro to Agility will focus on teaching handlers how to communicate with their dogs and gain a greater understanding of how dogs learn. Time will be devoted to developing basic foundational skills such as stay, down, sit, come, impulse control, and come to hand with environmental changes and distractions. Dogs will be taught how to target and to walk on planks, stay on pause tables, etc. Handlers will be expected to practice exercises during the week outside of class. Most exercises will be taught outdoors and on leash. Performance of agility equipment is not taught in this class.

Intro to Agility may be repeated more than once to fully develop the needed skills. To move to the next level:

-- the handler must have good control over the dog outdoors around agility equipment, other dogs, people, etc.
-- the dog should have good basic obedience skills (sits, downs, short stays, recalls) in the agility field environment
-- the dog must be able to walk a flat plank -- the dog must be able to target.


Cost $65.00.

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